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Redressing Room is a space for you to create, recreate, and share your sensual image -
on your terms, as it should be. Since 2019, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the US have experienced a collective 22% rise in image-based sexual abuse (IBSA), or the non consensual sharing of private digital media. When a creator is stripped of their original content - illegally, in many states - studies show the traumatic effects are as damaging as those of physical sexual abuse.
Celebrating your body is healthy. Sexual abuse via nonconsensual digital dissemination, is not.
We're here as a platform for you to take back your content, your way. 


Who are we?
Redressing Room is a free, online community space dedicated to helping you take back autonomy and creative freedom for your work. We're a space for those who've had their private content and/or intellectual property (IP) stolen and/or non consensually shared in digital spaces,
and who'd like to take that property back.
Intimate digital content (i.e., nudes you send to a trusted partner), is often created by the user in a healthy, empowered state of joy, sexiness, and celebration of self.
Redressing Room is a place for you to reclaim that joyful sense of the moment you created the image -
OR, to regenerate the image with a NEW sense of power and embodiment. 
We're here for you, as a place to safely explore and share your content which has always been yours.



Why Redress with us?
Well, because we've been there. The creators of Redressing Room are intimate with the trauma of having intimate content illegally stolen. This project was started as a way of merging artistic therapies with tech-based action steps and preventative measures.
We don't know your pain, but we see you, and we invite you to feel support here.

For that reason, we don't mess around with security.
Here's how:
Redressing Room implements the most efficient and trusted tech in protecting your submitted content. We prioritize consent, trust, and safety. So, we *always* verify age, identity, and intent of each potential contributor with a simple but secure verification process. After you're verified and we introduce you to our friendly user interface (UI), we work with a third party fingerprinting tool to assign a fingerprint to your content. This ensures you always own the rights to the image. That way, if anyone tries to manipulate or share your submitted content on other platforms without your consent,
the upload will be blocked. Beforehand, you'll be given the choice to be notified if upload
attempts are made. Learn more about our security processes here.

Who's qualified to submit?
What sort of content is welcome?

To keep our community safe, we invite those aged 18 and over to submit their work.
Your content can be anything you'd like - photography, digital, mixed media, animation, a line drawing you made on Windows 95 ... anything! As long as it fits our wide and simple parameters of content qualifications. Here are some examples of work:

Remember, your work is *by and for YOU.* 
You have 100% control of creative license and artistic freedom.
Dress, redress, and reimagine your content however you desire!


I wanna submit,
but what if I'm not feeling creative?

No worries! We got you. No need to explain if you don't have the time, resources, or simply don't want to create your own submission. If that's you, then we invite you to connect with one of our
awesome artists, who you can check out here. 
Like getting a tattoo or having a piece of clothing tailored, the artist you choose will work
with and for YOU, to make sure *all* your creative needs are met. 


How does pricing and purchasing work?
Like the artistic direction of your content, the option to sell your digital piece is also up to you. If you choose to put your piece up for sale, a flat rate of portion percentages are donated to one of our partner groups to help spread awareness, contribute to judicial law and policy reform, or build tech tools for takedowns/IBSA and IP theft prevention. You can get to know these groups here. 
If you work with an artist, we work with you to agree on a fair commission before any content creation begins, after verification and a free consultation.
We'll never ask for payment info up front - there's zero obligation to sell your work or
donate to our partners.

Sounds swell!
We invite you to ask any questions you may still have.
Check in with our free chat, and here's our FAQ for more info and details
about security and submission processes.

Our bottom line:
You created content that was stolen from you, and you deserve to get it back.
We see you - let's tailor this space to fit you perfectly. 
Happy redressing. Cheers to reclaiming!

Now, let’s get changed.


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